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It all began with a simple question—what would a visual novel about snails look like?  

Thus began our year-long journey of developing a ridiculous dating sim idea. The game is inspired by dozens of inputs contributed by many enthusiastic individuals about snail lore. It transpires in a secluded town, home of snail people—Shelltown.  Follow our heroine in a journey of self-discovery as she learns what it truly means to be a snail.

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What if a snail can’t accept herself for who she is?  Ms. Escargot believes that she will be happier joining the humans, and so she enrolls for a prestigious human university. She gets accepted, which gives her more reason to leave Shelltown. Her quest to break out of her shell begins. 

Unfortunately, things don’t pan out as smoothly as she thought they would. She meets many potential love interests as she learns more about herself and her past. Mysteries are unraveled, and they make her question what it truly means to be a snail person. 

Is Shelltown really as peaceful as it seems? 

Who will Ms. Escargot fall in love with?

And will she get to touch the snailor's barnacles?

 Your choices will determine what answers are discovered and if our main character gets the happy ending she deserves. 


Snail Story: Love Edition, will contain over 15+ cinematic graphics (CGs) , with the option of adding more depending on our budget. 

The game currently has two routes with over 100K words, each of them containing a full story-arc that is book-length with multiple good and bad endings. If the scope of our project is allowed to expand, we're considering adding more arcs with different characters to enrich the Snail Story world.

Choices Matter

They affect the outcome of the game based on two systems: a fork and a point-based system. 

Some choices will lead to completely different outcomes. They relate closely to crucial moments in the main character's journey. 

Choose carefully.
Say the right things to enamor your love interests! If they like your responses, a heart will appear.
As a bonus, snaillies (that's what Shellfolk call snails) will be found hiding in the backgrounds.

If you enjoyed the demo, visit here to learn more!


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Is this canceled??? 


So, even though I immediately thought the art style was pretty, I was a liiittle hesitant at first to try this game. I mean, snails, really?! But boy, am I glad I gave it a chance! I had such a blast playing the demo and it ended up having me seriously invested in the story. I need more!

It's so cutee!! I really love the snail names and the collectable snaillies! I love the cute yet dark aspect of it, which is why I was a little surprised with the first bad ending (⌒▽⌒)ゞ I know Clarice is the female antagonist, but I do wish she had a route (¬‿¬ ) Nonetheless, I hope to play the full version of it soon! ( ´ ω ` )

Even though the game looked good from the screenshots, I was still pleasantly surprised how polished and well-written it actually was. Lovely quality, great humour; I'm looking forward to the full release!

Hey, good days! (or bad days, considering your opinion of life). Can you update the game uploads executable preferences? To windows;Linux; etc. So the game can be installed directly through Itch App? Thanks!


Very good idea and has a very fun story. One feedback that I would like to throw in there. I know that this particular visual novel is more of a yaoi story side. I think  if you were to cast a broader net adding a male protagonist to choose from and making the two females romanceable. I think you would definitely get more attention for crowdfunding. I know that's a lot of work but it's definitely a good story with good characters. The level of work for your female protagonist that you play through and the personalities that all of the characters had. I think if you gave more opportunity add male audience to the story. I believe it would definitely get more funding. Also if could have either protagonist that you don't play as then become a  romance path opportunity. A unique spin that's not really out there a lot of.

Thanks for the feedback! This was actually one of our very first considerations, but we realized that we'll have to re-draw all the CGs. I'm not sure if our lead artist currently has the bandwidth for so much at the moment, and we don't wish to overpromise and get swamped. We definitely have such thoughts,, and if more people do raise up this issue we might consider it. But for now, it's not planned. We also do have thoughts about a Clarice backstory (so you get to play as Clarice), but our focus will be finishing Bobby and Jefe's routes for now. 


I cannot wait for the full sname (snail game)!!

Hey can anyone tell me which platform(?) This game is? I mean is it unity, renpy  or flash or..?


We're running it on Renpy. :)

so I can play it on my phone, thanks! 

The game is not available on any mobile platforms yet, but we're definitely considering it in the future!


It's fine I have ren py emulator 👐

hi! i was excited to play this game on mac but for some reason i cant seem to open it. i get this prompt whenever i try to open it. not sure if this is just on my mac or others too... 

(1 edit)

hellosuou, I'll look into it asap!

edit: If you run into permission errors, right click the .app file and click "show packaged contents." Hope this helps!


is it possible to be platonic with every potential love interest, and can you play as a male character? the art looks really good!


Yes, but those are the not-so-good endings! We talked about switching genders for the MC but right now it's not within our budget and scope to do so. It might be a possible add-on in the future but no promises for now because we're narrowing the scope so we can get something complete as soon as possible, at least. 


I wasn't sure why I was so uneasy and then I remembered that Uzumaki story.


Literally stumbled upon this on Twitter and I'm happy I did! Looking forward to future updates 😊


Thank you so much!!! We're excited to post and create more. :)


Gorgeous characters, funny puns, and surprising amount of art. I love games that have a lot of soul put into it. I can't wait to see the final game!


Thank you! So glad you liked it.